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Hey everyone! I'm new aaaaand as of late, I've ran across quite a few emo boys. So I thought I'd share with you. And if anyone cares, all these pictures are x-posted to my journal.


Yes, that woudl be my friends Shearson and Brian on a fake DDR. And yes, Brian is wearing girls pants.

Shearson and Brian again...with a shop vac.

And with a strobe light.

Okay, so I have no idea who this kid is, but I went to Six Flags, and I followed him 'cause I was bored and he was sexy.

Again, no idea who they are, but I found them at Warped Tour.

That was infront of me in a mosh, and I deffinatly didn't mind.

Derek playing at a show last Friday.

Cory, Matt, Chris, and Andy...(Matt's my buddy) and they're in a band called Bulimia, I believe.


And that's all for now, thanks guys.


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last picture hot x 1000, and your friends in the first 3 pictures are simply beautiful nice post <333
lol thanks, I heart my boys. :)
i heart your boys <3
haha I love that you followed that kid. That's totally something I would do. And w00t! go you! those pictures are wonderful :D :D

<3, alli
yeah, we deffinatly follow the boys alot haha.
and thanks.
i follow guys too! =) i want your guy friends <3 lol
good, I'm glad I'm not the only one!
btw I LOVE your icon!

awesome pics! my favorites are the tight tush in the mosh pit and the fact your guy friends know they're cool enough to do DDR and wear girly pants ^^

i know those kids!!! shantsy is the sex....so are the rest
hahah.....you have PRIVATE ACCESS to shantsy!!! hah

Yes ladies and gentilemen, this girl is daaaating Shearson.