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i just joined yesterday! couldn't resist the temptation of not joinin such a hot community like this one! and well i decided to post some pictures.
This time i just have two, i promise i'll behave more stalkish and take my camera with me to don't miss ne emo boy out there ever again!
this pictures are from the guy that used to work or maybe still works in the local hot topic, i hav a big obsession with him, and my sister managed to take pictures of him!
so enjoy :)

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He is pretty!<3

Thanks for sharing!
no problemeo :D
your ht is a lot nicer than mine...
trust me is not that grand! >_<
Can he transfer to my hot topic store. hmm i wish
lol hope nott then who am i left to stalk >_<
I LOVE your icon! Seriously, Mikey is the bestest.
yes yes! mikey is to cool to be true! thnk uu! ;)
awww! <3 so adorable
u should see him with his hat!
Emoo glasses<3
i think he got those for photoshoot! b/c he didn't really use em that much.. ok now i'm sick i kno way to much >_<
ps-love ur icon!<3