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I ♥ Emo Boys

Grab a scarf and join the fun!

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☆ click for website ☆

Rules: Well... more advice really.

This is NOT a rating community!

We hate that stuff. So don't come here to be told you're 'haWt sH1t'. Well, unless you're an emo boy obviously. Plus, if you typed like that, your post would be deleted cause thats just retarded.

Only post photos of yourself if you are an emo boy.

Cause frankly, no-one cares what you look like [or your car/boyfriend/pet]. Go to some bitchfest rating community and do it.

Put photos in a cut.

This way, the page stays how we want it, and loads quicker. Yipee.

Introductory posts aren't needed.

We all love emo boys. Hence the community.

This is a moderated community.

So if your photo doesn't show up, don't keep trying, cause its been refused once and we'll just ban you or something.

Anything thats not pictures

[ie. quizzes, questions etc] should be emo related, be it emo music or emo boys.

Most importantly have fun!.

This is a fun community, for people to look at emos, and for emos to display themselves.

Emo boys usually have:

☆ A notepad (to write down those emo lyrics/poetry) ☆
☆ A camera (with black and white film probably) ☆
☆ Philosophical books ☆
☆ Tissues (in case of an outburst of emotion) ☆
☆ Sketch book ☆
☆ Hair straighteners (but you won't ever see them)☆

☆ This community is both for people who love emo boys
☆ and emo boys to show their lovely selves off ☆

☆ The Moderators are ☆

Rosie rosie_rocks


Julie retroretrojulie