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I just noticed something and thought it was odd...the lyric
you're as subtle as a brick in the small of my back, so lets end this call and end this conversation
is in both a brand new song and a taking back sunday song. can anyone tell me why?
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Deleted comment

Jesse and Adam don't get along. Is it Adam?
Whoever the TBS singer is and Jesse don't get along
interesting...thank you!!! oh and thanks rosie for the post, do you mind if i add you to my friends list?
Actually its the ex-TBS member John Nolan(now in Straylight Run). Jesse and John got in a quarrel about someones girlfriend and sparks flew and from what ive heard Jesse wrote "Seventy times 7" to John. And John stole the lyric and put it in "Theres No I In Team" to show the fact that it was about Jesse. The Brand New sweater that says "Mics Are For Singing Not Swinging" is directly toward TBS and the TBS shirt that says "Proudly Swinging Since xxxx"(forgot the year) is a rebuttle.They are all over it now though, and the bands are perfectly fine with eachother
hey i was curious myself..thanks for letting me know! =)
onefrienddown im adding you to my friends list too, hope you dont mind...if you do then well too bad.